"This is our passion, we love what we do."


We are DASH: a motion design studio built around making incredible stuff. Two best friends and a team of creatives on a mission to connect Raleigh, NC and the world with animation, motion graphics and film. DASH is a creative studio that loves a good challenge. We design high-level videos and animation with influence and purpose.


Our team of writers, designers & freelancers create thought provoking animation designed to drive action & push boundaries. Have a crazy idea? Great, we’re all ears! Don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to video? Perfect, we do. This is our passion, we love what we do! Give us a shout, we'll show you what we're all about.




It was an unseasonably cool Summer evening when DASH was first conceived. A few beers led honest conversations about motion design and the direction founders Mack Garrison and Cory Livengood wanted to take it. They both met five years prior to DASH while working at Centerline Digital, a content marketing firm in Raleigh, NC.

Cory, a senior animator, was self taught and proud of it. His background in stage and film production at North Carolina State University gave him a knack for solving problems. This, along with his easy-going and charismatic personality, made him a great fit for a motion design company that demands critical thinking and a cool head. Mack Garrison, a Raleigh native, is an optimist and dreamer. He found his creative direction studying at North Carolina State University’s College of Design and absolutely fell in love with animation and motion graphics. As an animator and art director he has been exposed to a myriad of concepts, giving him the ability to articulate direction for clients and creatives.

DASH is not a production house. Our number one goal with every project is to build original content that looks beautiful and drives action. Our videos explore different perspectives and push audiences to learn more. DASH is a studio that reflects the progressive, tech-savvy views of Raleigh, NC and beyond; a studio that wants to contribute to the needs of the greater design culture.  You’re only given one chance at life: there is the day you’re born and the day you die; let DASH define what you do inbetween.


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