DASH teamed up with Melt in Atlanta to build a hype reel for the 2016 Coke Summit. The goal was to combine different Coke product endorsers in one video to highlight the myriad of events the soda company sponsors. The challenge came from the variety of footage DASH had to work with. We needed to develop a style that allowed us to combine multiple videos while simultaneously masking the quality difference to deliver a 4k edit.

the solve

The solve was a digital collage. We created a graphics package that utilized textures to cover up imperfections and stitch together content. Brushes, patterns and dust all added to the edit while action-packed sound design brought the visuals to life. The Coke summit is home to thought leaders and decision makers of sports media and this video needed to influence that audience; we think we did just that.



Client: Coke
Agency: MELT
Directed by: DASH
Executive Producer: Mack Garrison
Creative Director: Cory Livengood
Animation/Editing: Black Math
Music Editing: Alex Davis
SFX: Wesley Slover