DASH wants to work with dedicated, driven creatives who have a passion for design and innovation. We set a high bar with our work and because our employees invest in us, we like to invest in them. For starters, we offer unlimited vacation. Everyone needs a recharge and you should be able to take the trip you want. Even our founders take breaks. Are you a work-a-holic? It’s mandatory that you take ten days off each year. DASH also covers all your monthly premiums for health insurance. Healthcare is a hot topic these days, but it’s something you won’t have to worry about with us. DASH also offers six weeks paid maternity leave and two weeks paid paternity leave for employees that have been with us a year. You’re having a baby; we’re excited! Finding the time for a personal project is always daunting. After you’ve been with us for a year, we’ll give you a thousand dollar stipend and a week off each year to create whatever you want! The only catch is you have to participate in a show-in-tell so we can see what you made. Along with all these perks, we also pay for your parking downtown, take you to cool animation and motion design festivals as well as stuff your face with tons of coffee and treats. Sound like your type of place? We can’t wait to meet you.