There are lot of moving pieces with Hopscotch Design Festival. As the festival’s motion partner, we are in charge of shaping what Hopscotch Design looks like in motion and what that experience feels like to its patrons. Our mission is to create high-end motion design that matters which is why we decided to create an installation that gives attendees of the festival the opportunity to work with one another to create an animation in real time.


There are usually 24 frames per second in animation, but we were able to reduce that number to 12 without losing too much fidelity. To start, we created a 10-second looping animation that encapsulates the thinkers, makers, and storytellers at Hopscotch Design Festival. We then printed all 120 frames that make up the animation onto slides that attendees can color and scan back into the original animation in real time. The result is an animation the audience helped shape.