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The Superhero Project works with artists to create characters that will impact a family and provide joy during a difficult time.  Their volunteer initiative works with children and young adults with serious medical issues. Kids will be walked through a series of questions intended to spark creativity and curiosity. They describe the superhero that lives inside of them - what they stand for, how they will make the world a better place, what they wear, and more.   Each child is then matched with an artist who turns their ideas into reality. They create a full- color design of each one-of-a-kind superhero. The family receives two posters and a digital copy to share! When dash was asked to participate, we immediately said yes! Our illustrator Meg Snyder took lead on the project, working to bring R’s superhero to life. Here is a bit of info on his character:

Welcome to the future.  Here, we have made a world where people's choices are respected and where everyone may act as they wish, without fear of judgment.  How do we keep this world safe for all?  Easy - we are protected by Infinite Shield.

Flying from place to place on his holographic levitation board and using the unending power of the Koch snowflake fractal curves, Infinite Shield speaks out and is truly heard.  (He is also famous and wealthy, but it's really being heard that brings him the most satisfaction.)   Looking for a place where strength and courage are matched with math and science?  You've found it - Infinite Shield stands as a symbol of curiosity and connection for us all.

Thanks again to for bringing dash on board. The Superhero Project is offered to families at no charge