Mother Jones is a reader-supported nonprofit news organization. When they underwent a rebranding last year they approached dash to create a snazzy new intro animation for some of their video content. We chose to highlight the core subjects that Mother Jones focuses on, all culminating in their updated logo.


Using only two colors, focusing on clean simple typography and one simple visual metaphor for each subject emphasizes the no-nonsense transparency present in Mother Jones’ reporting. No frills, no distractions, just facts.


gun violence

Regardless of politics, it’s an undeniable fact that gun violence in the United States is a serious problem. Mother Jones wanted to look at this epidemic from a different perspective. What, exactly, does gun violence cost in real dollars?


Using data provided by Mother Jones, dash created this animated infographic that breaks down exactly, dollar for dollar, what the gun violence epidemic costs. This animation was part of an expose interviewing survivors of gun violence and how their experience affected them emotionally and financially. Read the whole story here.


Client: Mother Jones
Directed by: dash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Art Director: Cory Livengood
Animation: Cory Livengood
Music: Sono Sanctus