Client: Riot Games

Directed by: dash
Creative Direction: Mack Garrison
Technical Direction: Cory Livengood
Producer: Mack Garrison
Illustration: Meg Snyder, Louis Wesoloswky, Jake Page
Animation: Jay Brown, Mikey Zoppo, Cory Livengood, Zac Miller, Mack Garrison, Erich Reimers, Zak Tietjen
Music: “Silver Scrapes” by Danny McCarthy. Collegiate version courtesy of Riot Games


College League of Legends is a student-led network of League of Legends players on college campuses across the U.S. and Canada. For the 2018 LoL College Championship, dash designed the opening video for the event using elements from each college paired with visuals from the top five champions used by each team. The result: an action-packed intro to hype-up the players and attendees.

In addition to the above hero hype video, dash created matchup animations for the back-to-back team competitions and shorter internet promos for the event.

But perhaps the most exciting challenge was the opportunity to create a custom looping login screen seen by millions of League of Legends players as they waited for their game to load.

Login Screen

As players wait in the lobby for their games to begin, they’re treated to custom looping animations typically highlighting a specific character (know as a Champion in LoL parlance). But for the week leading up to the big college tournament our looping promo was featured.


:30 second promo

A mashup of the login screen and the end of the hero video, this :30 second promo was used to advertise the big event across the internet.



One example of a matchup animation used to advertise specific rivalries.


Arena Screen preview

Lastly, one of our partners at Riot was kind enough to shoot a little video of the hero animation being tested on the giant screen outside of the arena a few days before the competition. The video was shot on a phone and emailed, so the quality isn’t great but it’s always fun to see work out in the wild.