Client: RSM
Agency: LGA
Production: Remedy
Post-Production: dash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Director: Mack Garrison & Cory Livengood
Storyboarding: Meg Snyder, Jake Page, Mikey Zoppo
Illustration: Meg Snyder, Jake Page, Mikey Zoppo
Animation: Jay Brown, Zak Tietjen, Kyle Martinez, Cory Livengood, Mack Garrison, Mikey Zoppo



Dash teamed up with the talented crew at Remedy and LGA to produce this unique series of videos highlighting the interests and hobbies of RMS employees. RSM understands that life is more than just a career. They want to empower their employees to pursue personal passions and interests which is why the intimate pairing of live-action shots with elegant animation offered a bespoke solution to the RSM employee reference videos.