Client: TheSkimm

Directed by: dash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Animation: Cory Livengood & Mack Garrison
Design: Mack Garrison


Founded in 2012, theSkimm is a media company known for its daily email newsletter that focuses on delivering world news in concise, easy-to-read articles. In an effort to be a content leader, theSkimm created Skimm Ahead, a subscription service that gives you access to daily content delivered through their mobile app. We were approached to develop an onboarding animation for the launch of this new app. We created a dynamic animation that fit within theSkimm’s current brand, captured attention of the user, and also displayed digestible information. We used quick builds to grab the audience's attention and subtle loops to help the user stay engaged while the copy was on screen. The end result was a 98% user retention rate—and the app was ranked number one on iTunes during its first month of launch.


The success of Skimm Ahead spawned more interest in developing engaging content. In 2016 DASH was approached to to pitch a grandiose animation and motion graphic campaign that would accent their ongoing “Skimm Ahead” series: a quickly accessible archive of breaking news over the last few years. There’s a lot of stuff in the world which is why users trust theSkimm’s easily accessible breakdown of information. Video was the next step to increase this accessibility and while DASH did not win the job, we’re excited to share the creative direction we pitched.



TheSkimm’s users are intelligent, busy and value their time. Reading theSkimm is a regular part of their day - as they commute to work, sit at their desk, or take a quick break - theSkimm is seamlessly integrated into their normal daily routine. Users appreciate that they’ll be correctly informed about the world from a short, delightfully written email that’s consumable anywhere they go.



With more and varied content comes the need to categorize. For this campaign, we pitched the idea of creating bumpers that would accomplish two things: immediately identify the video as theSkimm content and prime the viewer so they know what to expect. Each category maintains the voice of their mascot (theSkimm girl) and is always from her point of view. 


The style is vibrant and has playful graphics making hard subjects more approachable and easy to understand. We were careful to build imagery that has a look and feel of a bedtime story without being *silly* or desensitising the information. The most unique feature is the interaction from Skimm girl throughout the animation. As the viewer’s friend, and the one leading us through the story., her simple page turns and graphic adjustments reflect the fact that theSkimm is there from beginning to end. We know these need to look good on mute, but for those who want to hear what’s going on each animation will have music and sound design. We also pitched the idea of hearing a different woman’s voice for each animation to highlight the universal appeal of theSkimm and show that Skimm girl is everyone’s friend.


People are everywhere and while theSkimm will continue to exist in traditional digital channels and mediums, we felt there was opportunity for expansion. Think taxi cabs, interactive installations, airports, television or even Times Square.


dash was born in the pursuit of being creative. We can’t imagine doing anything else, and for that reason, we do everything we can to create meaningful, fun, and impactful work. So while we didn’t land this project, we enjoyed translating theSkimm’s brand and message through these visuals because we love getting to know clients we believe in.