Client: Weather Underground
Agency: Myriad Media

Directed by: dash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Art Director: Cory Livengood
Animator: Mack Garrison, Cory Livengood
Illustration: Mack Garrison



In 2001, Weather Underground (WU), a subsidiary of The Weather Company, developed the Personal Weather Station (PWS) Network. Now, with over 250,000 reporting stations across the globe, this network enables The Weather Company to provide hyperlocal forecasts to millions around the world with unprecedented accuracy. We collaborated with The Weather Company’s agency, Myriad Media to direct a series of animated social tiles that highlight the benefits of sourcing data to stay ahead of unpredictable weather. By using a flat, vector approach for the graphics with minimal sound design, we were able to tell a story without the need for audio; a necessity for social-based content.