As a high-end animation and motion design studio, dash focuses on making incredible content for clients who recognize the importance of good design—design that drives action, pushes boundaries and achieves results. dash is not a production house. We’re dedicated to listening to our clients and delivering personalized, creative solutions 

that connect with the target audience in a captivating and meaningful way. We love building a relationship with our clients and educating them about all that design can achieve—plus we have some fun along the way. Interested in learning more and working with us? Give us a shout.




It was an unseasonably cool summer evening when dash was first conceived in 2015. A few beers led to honest conversations about motion design and the direction that founders Mack Garrison and Cory Livengood wanted to take. They both met five years prior to dash while working at a content marketing agency in Raleigh.

 Cory, a senior animator, is self-taught and proud of it. His background in stage and film production at North Carolina State University gives him a knack for solving problems. This, along with his easy-going and charismatic personality, make him a great fit for a motion design company that demands critical thinking and a cool head. Mack, a Raleigh native, is an optimist and dreamer. He found his creative direction studying at North Carolina State University’s College of Design where he absolutely fell in love with animation and motion graphics. As an animator and creative director, he has been exposed to a myriad of concepts—this gives him the ability to clearly articulate direction for clients and creatives alike.

 At dash, Mack and Cory have surrounded themselves with a team of passionate, creative designers and freelance talent who are dedicated to sharing their design views with the Triangle community and beyond.



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