Client: Celtra
Directed by: Dash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Director: Mack Garrison & Cory Livengood
Writing: Cory Livengood, Mack Garrison &
Elizabeth Marks
Look: Louis Wesolowski
Illustration: Meg Snyder & Jake Page
Storyboarding: Meg Snyder & Jake Page
Animation: Jay Brown, Mikey Zoppo, Cory Livengood, Dylan Carrow, Zak Tietjen, & Arley Cornell
Music & SFX: The Chicken



Celtra is a creative management platform that allows users to make, measure, and manage their creative content. Through computer vision and algorithms, Celtra can determine which of your ads are performing well and allows marketers to make adjustments in real time; giving them ultimate control over their brand. Building off Celtra’s colorful look, we needed to create an explainer video that was short and to the point. We built the story around a CMO managing his team and the problems he was facing. By introducing Celtra, and explaining the content at a high-level, we were able to show viewers the solution in a quick, digestible way that drove them to the site to learn more.