Client: dash bash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Animation: Thom Haig, James Boorman, Olov Burman, Daniel Damm, Erich Reimers, Will Fortanbary, Joash Berkely, The Rusted Pixel, Oliver Sin, Arley Cornell, Handel Eugene
Music & Sound Design: Wes Slover, Alex McKenzie, Dima Novozhilov, Trevor Richardson, Zach Dyke, Matt Standfield, Brendan Hogan, Jeff Moberg, & Kyle Campbell.



The dash bash is an animation and motion design festival / party / hangout happening in October 2020 that coincides with dash’s five year anniversary. We decided the best way to celebrate was to bring together the motion design community for one big celebration in Raleigh, NC next year. These are the initial idents we created to advertise for the festival.