Client: Kaleido

Directed by: dash
Producer: Mack Garrison
Art Director: Cory Livengood & Mack Garrison
Animation: Mikey Zoppo, Jay Brown, Cory Livengood, Mack Garrison
Music: Sono Sanctus


Kaleido is a Blockchain Business Cloud that simplifies the creation and operation of private blockchain networks. The platform runs on AWS and provides clients the ability to seamlessly connect to other popular AWS services while streamlining the process of standing up secure, permissioned blockchain networks without sacrificing the ability to customize the environment. For their big announcement at Consensus 2018, dash worked with Kaleido to create a hero video, closing conference video, a series of social tiles and presentation assets to unify the brand and their message. It was the first time audiences would be introduced to Kaleido so we aimed to make a lasting impression.


Social tiles

Social tiles are ten to fifteen second animations that live across social media channels and drive users to a landing page or site. By publishing these during the conference, conference attendees searching for information on Kaleido or the Consensus conference would find these engaging animations of the video and navigate to the site to learn more.

presentaTion assets

Along with the videos and social tiles, dash also created a handful of animated slides and demo videos to accent the Kaleido presentation. The ultimate goal was to create a cohesive package of content that unified the brand and established Kaleido as a leader for Blockchain Business Cloud. 

The work you guys did took us to the next level. People were really engaged, and by the end when we announced the Amazon partnership, there were gasps in the audience. Front page news picked up in dozens of outlets. [We were] mobbed by customers wanting to get on the platform. Heartfelt thanks to DASH.
— Steve Cerveny, Founder of Kaleido