Client: Red Hat
Directed by: dash
Creative Direction: Mack Garrison
Technical Direction: Cory Livengood
Producer: Mack Garrison
Concepting / Scripting: Elizabeth Marks
Illustration: Matt Shipley, Meg Snyder
Animation: Cory Livengood, Preston Gibson, Jay Brown, Zach Youse, Mack Garrison, Mikey Zoppo
Music: The Chicken



Red Hat recognized that there’s a big problem in the world of app development. Namely that the people making the apps weren’t typically working with the people planning and marketing the content. They knew from experience that when the business side and the technology side work together, apps are better, created faster, and they get to market quicker. dash helped create YouTube preroll ads targeted at developers and business executives to drive traffic to their website to learn more about the tools Red Hat offers to bridge the communication gap.