Client: YMCA of the Triangle
Directed by: dash
Director: Mack Garrison
Executive Producer: Mack Garrison
Producers: Meryn Hayes & Alisha Hawkins
Technical Director: Mikey Zoppo
Storyboarding: Meg Snyder
Animation & Editing: Mikey Zoppo & Mack Garrison
Music & SFX: The Ontic



The YMCA of the Triangle is home to a diverse community of individuals, from all walks of life, on a mission to embrace, reflect and celebrate the region through memberships and programs. Dash had the opportunity to develop an anthem video that highlights the diversity and inclusion the Y offers. Regardless of your background, your struggle, your needs, the Y is there to support you. Using a mixed-media approach that took live action elements mixed with still photography and animation, we creates a video that reflects the heartbeat of our region and highlights the community and principles the Y holds in high regard.